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Kambo Ayahuasca and yoga retreats Yogahuasca


Kambo, known as the “vaccine of the forest,” is a potent natural antibiotic and anesthetic derived from frog secretion. It empowers the immune system, purges toxins, and aids emotional release. Kichwa people value its purgative and immunity-boosting properties. Kambo acts as a natural vaccination, deeply cleansing the body and addressing emotional blocks. It often alleviates physical issues like migraines, chronic diseases, and stress. The frog’s immunity is so strong that predators release it when bitten, symbolizing its fearless spirit. Kambo’s consciousness and spirit are potent, curing fears and providing strength. Like Ayahuasca, Kambo cleanses body, mind, and soul, enhancing the healing journey in ceremonies.

A typical Kambo ceremony session lasts between 40 to 55 minutes and is tailored to the individual. It is advisable to undertake the Kambo frog medicine the day prior to a ceremony.

It is important to note that Kambo is not a medical treatment, but rather a shamanic ritual ceremony from the Amazon Rainforest, steeped in tradition and spiritual significance.

Mapacho ceremony 2 Ayahuasca and yoga retreats Yogahuasca


The Amazonian variety of tobacco, Nicotina Rustica or Mapacho, is a potent form of this revered plant. Known for its strength and direct potency, Mapacho offers cleansing, grounding, and clarity to those who work with it. In various cultures, its smoke is utilized to clear, protect, and convey intention.

In traditional ceremonies, the tobacco shaman, or Tobaquero, prepares a potent brew of the plant, infused with prayer and intention. This medicine does not induce a psychedelic state, instead, it operates in two ways. Firstly, it purges the body of toxins and negative energy, and secondly, it communicates through intuition and dreams.

When we cultivate an intentional relationship with tobacco and consume it, it performs a deep cleansing, carrying both the shaman’s intention for healing and our own into our being, body, and psyche.

Cacao ceremony Ayahuasca and yoga retreats Yogahuasca


Ceremonial Cacao is a powerful plant medicine with a rich history of use spanning over 5,000 years. Sourced with care, prepared with intention, and enjoyed ceremoniously, cacao can bring about profound energetic transformations.

The Ceremonial Cacao experience honors the sacredness of the cacao bean and its transformative properties. Made into a warm hot chocolate drink, ceremonial-grade cacao releases theobromine, a compound that potentiates the release of dopamine, the hormone responsible for pleasure. Additionally, phenethylamine, which helps alleviate stress and depression, is also released during the ceremony.

The ambiance of the ceremony is further enhanced by the soothing sounds of music and drumming, creating a meditative environment and a deep sense of unity and love. Cacao, also known as bitter chocolate is recognized for its gentle ability to open the heart, allowing for deeper and more loving
connections, forgiveness, and authenticity.

Note: Participants are kindly asked to refrain from eating 2 hours prior to the event.

Acupuncture Ayahuasca and yoga retreats Yogahuasca


Experience the ultimate in holistic healing and restorative relaxation with acupuncture at our jungle clinic. This powerful treatment combines ancient wisdom traditions to promote physical and emotional well-being during your journey, restoring balance and harmony within yourself through natural energy flow. Acupuncture is a non-invasive way of easing muscle tension, improving circulation, and alleviating stress related symptoms for improved overall health on an Ayahuasca voyage – so you can wholly engage without worrying about body or spirit!

Cupping Ayahuasca and yoga retreats Yogahuasca


Experience the rejuvenating power of cupping, an alternative therapy involving the placement of cups on your skin to create gentle suction. This technique improves energy flow, fostering natural healing. Discover relief from acute pain as cupping swiftly eases discomfort. By enhancing blood circulation, it releases muscle tension, improves overall blood flow, and supports cell repair. Embrace the potential for renewed vitality as cupping encourages the formation of new connective tissues and blood vessels.

k laser therapy higher res Ayahuasca and yoga retreats Yogahuasca


Experience the powerful healing and natural pain relief that comes with K-Laser therapy. This non-invasive treatment helps reduce pain, and inflammation and increase circulation while providing balance to your body’s energy flow. During a stressful journey during an Ayahuasca retreat, this type of therapeutic solution is invaluable for promoting overall well-being – allowing you to get the most out of your spiritual exploration without unnecessary physical suffering!

IV Therapy Ayahuasca and yoga retreats Yogahuasca


IV Therapy offers a powerful solution for replenishing energy levels and supporting physical healing during the Ayahuasca journey. The IV Therapy is designed to restore energy and refresh individuals after intense ceremonies, allowing them to continue on their path toward spiritual and physical healing.

Additional ceremonies Ayahuasca and yoga retreats Yogahuasca


Feel the resonance within, the yearning for more profound healing, and an intensified connection with the universe? At Yogahuasca retreat, we honor your unique journey and understand that your path might be calling for more. Should you find yourself drawn to traverse further in the realm of plant medicine, beyond what we’ve thoughtfully curated, listen to that intuitive whisper. Connect with our staff to confirm the ceremony and register for the ceremony with a click.

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