Plant Dietas

Where do shamans (referred to as Yachak in Kichwa) acquire their healing knowledge and abilities? They obtain these attributes from the spirits of plants. This understanding is cultivated through a practice known as a Dieta. This essential process is undertaken by those aspiring to become plant healers. It involves inviting a plant’s spirit to meld with their own body and soul, serving as a guide to impart wisdom, strength, and curative powers for assisting others.

The Dieta involves a journey of self-discovery, entailing specific rituals. Those who embark on this journey commit to a period of fasting, adhering to a simple diet, and withdrawing from external stimuli. This seclusion facilitates meditation and concentration on the plant spirit, fostering a relationship with it. While this process might span a considerable duration and its effects may be nuanced, the transformative impact over time can be profound. Increasingly, individuals are attesting to the advantages of engaging in plant diets, forging connections with plant spirits. Importantly, this practice’s benefits extend beyond shamanism, offering personal growth and healing in various aspects of life.

It’s crucial to approach this process with awareness, readiness, and preparation. Similar to a forest fire that clears the way for new growth, certain aspects of oneself might need to be dismantled before renewal can occur.

Why Choose the Yogahuasca Retreat’s Plant Dieta? 

The Yogahuasca retreat uniquely blends conscious Yogic practices with the plant dieta, providing an extraordinary avenue to delve into one’s energy and explore the subconscious realms. This experience promotes a heightened self-awareness and a renewed relationship with the physical body. As participants acquaint themselves with both the tangible and energetic dimensions, they may encounter a state of mental equilibrium, embracing stillness as their physical, emotional, and mental facets align harmoniously.

Selecting the Appropriate Plant Dieta 

The retreat offers a range of master plants, meticulously prepared into teas derived from leaves, flowers, bark, or roots. Seasoned Yachaks, or shamans in the Kichwa tradition, guide participants in the consumption of these plants based on individual needs and aspirations. The consultation with the head Yachak initiates the journey, determining the most fitting plant teacher for the dieta. Consumption occurs via tea, followed by adherence to a stricter dietary regimen compared to a typical Ayahuasca diet. This entails abstaining from salt, sugar, oil, fats, and energetic exchanges, including physical touch or intimate interactions.

The Yachak commences the diet with an Ayahuasca ceremony, facilitating a connection with the chosen plant’s spirit. Dieta-related Ayahuasca ceremonies differ from those conducted outside the dieta. They offer participants the opportunity to assimilate profound teachings and insights from the plant, both during and outside of ceremonial contexts.

Available Plant Dietas at the Retreat

Guando (Toé, Brugmansia) Master Plant: This dieta is profoundly challenging, likened to a journey through one’s DNA and considered significantly more potent than Ayahuasca. It necessitates rigorous preparation, including energetic cleanses, to align with the plant’s teachings. The process entails regular interaction with the Guando tree and involves a morning beverage mixed with mapacho juice for grounding and clarity. Despite its intensity, the Guando dieta can unveil life-altering dimensions and truths, demanding deep respect and expert guidance.

Bobinsana Master Plant: Found along riverbanks in the Amazon forest, Bobinsana is distinguished by its vibrant flowers. Its roots and bark hold healing potential, while its spiritual attributes are revered by shamans. This dieta, considered gentle, facilitates self-love, setting boundaries, and addressing grief. It heals accumulated sadness, deepens our connection to Mother Earth and awakens the intuition and empowers creative expression and joy.

Flexible Program Duration 

Acknowledging the uniqueness of each individual’s journey, the Deep Immersion Dieta program offers flexibility. The initial 21-day option at $3000 sets the foundation, and participants can extend their stay by adding extra days at $75 per day.

A Path to Transformation Each plant dieta marks a transformative journey, catalyzing profound change and self-understanding. It provides a compass to life’s purpose. If you heed the call to embark on this jungle odyssey, where your path awaits, reach out to us at

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