Safety & Policies

Our top priority is your safety and well-being. We’ve designed thorough safety measures to protect you physically, emotionally, and mentally throughout your experience with us. Our trained medical staff is present during our retreats, ensuring a secure environment. Our unique approach combines Western facilitators who bridge the gap between energetic healing and emotional processing. They’ve undergone their own ‘shadow work’ and can compassionately guide you through your journey.

We understand the healing process can stir up challenging emotions and memories. Our caring facilitators and healers are here to support you through these experiences. We create a judgment-free space where you can explore your inner landscape and activate your healing potential. Our commitment to safety extends to pre-journey screening, on-site medical support, and integration assistance post-retreat. Join us in a loving and protected environment to fully embrace your healing journey, regardless of your background.

Safety & Policies Protocol at Yogahuasca:

  1. Expert Health Team

   – Yogahuasca maintains a diverse health team comprising a Medical Director, an Emergency Nurse, and experienced native Kichwa healers.

   – The Medical Director oversees operations, and English-speaking assistants are present during Ayahuasca ceremonies.

  1. Ceremony Monitoring

   – All ceremonies have English-speaking helpers and medical personnel present.

   – Continuous monitoring of guests throughout the night ensures their comfort and wellbeing.

  1. Experienced Kichwa Healers

   – Ceremonies are led by qualified Kichwa healers from shamanic traditions.

   – These healers come from ancestral backgrounds, utilizing time-honored practices.

  1. Emergency Training

   – The staff undergoes weekly emergency resolution training.

   – This training ensures swift and effective responses to any unforeseen situations.

  1. Small Group Focus

   – Ceremonies are limited to small groups, with a maximum of 10 participants.

   – This personalized approach maximizes individual attention, comfort, and safety.

  1. Ayahuasca Brew

   – The Ayahuasca brew provided is a pure blend of Ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis caapi) and Chacruna (Psychotria viridis) without any additives.

  1. Medical Collaboration

   – Dr. Mayra Prado, our Medical Director, reviews guest medications pre-booking for potential contraindications.

   – Medical advice is offered for complex health cases.

  1. Psychological Support

   – Dr. Scott Irwin, PhD, a psychologist, assists guests in interpreting their experiences alongside the shaman.

   – Pre- and post-ceremony consultations are available.

   – Additional consultations with the psychologist can be scheduled if needed.

  1. Communication and Connectivity
  • Internet connectivity is available
  1. Thorough Medical Protocol

    – Rigorous medical procedures include a comprehensive questionnaire and intake form during registration.

    – This process identifies and mitigates any risks or contraindications with our medicines.

  1. Intake Coordination

    – Experienced intake coordinators assist during the screening process.

    – Qualified medical professionals contribute to integration programming.

  1. Emergency Preparedness

    – The retreat is located within 30 min drive from the hospital.  

– There is a medical clinic at Sacha Wasi (onsite) and medical clinic in Pomona (10 min drive) and 20 min to  another clinic in Vera Cruz

    – Protocols are in place to handle emergencies and minimize harm.

  1. Medical Kit Availability

    – A fully stocked medical kit is accessible for addressing minor injuries.

  1. Experienced Healers and Staff

    – Our team comprises highly skilled healers and facilitators.

    – A mix of English-speaking Westerners and local staff provide comprehensive support.

At Yogahuasca retreats, our top priority is your safety and well-being. We have meticulously structured protocols and a dedicated team to ensure a secure and transformative experience during your retreat.

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