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Are you feeling the call for Yogahausca retreat but finding yourself with lingering questions? Let’s bridge that gap together! 

We invite you to schedule a 30-minute call with the insightful Dr. Scott Irwin, PhD, who is eager to address any queries you might have. We are here to ensure you have all the information you need to embark on this transformative journey.

For your convenience, we’re also just a Whatsapp message away! However, please understand that our commitment to creating meaningful experiences with retreat participants means our availability for spontaneous calls is a bit limited. To ensure we can give you our undivided attention, we kindly suggest scheduling a discovery call, sending us a message on Whatsapp, or reaching out via email. Rest assured, we’re dedicated to getting back to you at the earliest possible moment.

It’s worth noting that while we’re deeply connected within the retreat, we rely on the Internet for communication as there’s no cellular signal at Yogahausca retreat. But don’t worry, this won’t hinder our commitment to supporting you in every way we can.

Main Office

Sacha wasi, Via macas kilometro
15 via pomona kilometro 9,
Puyo Ecuador
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